Gateway Entertainment is a new non-profit initiative dedicated to creating opportunities for underserved communities in filmed entertainment with a particular focus on developing behind-the-camera careers in the industry.

One of the most underserved communities in filmed entertainment are Native peoples. For decades, this lack of representation and information about Native peoples has perpetuated damaging myths and stereotypes.

Filmmaking is storytelling. By providing opportunities in filmed entertainment for Native storytellers and crew, we are supporting broader efforts throughout Indian country to reclaim the narrative and increase visibility for Native artists. Filmmaking is also a multi-billion dollar a year industry and major private sector employer providing high quality, well-paying jobs. Our mission serves to promote Native storytelling and career development by creating opportunities for Native peoples to enter the filmed entertainment sector through various behind-the-camera positions including crew, vendors, writers, directors and producers.  

The Gateway Entertainment Fellows Program focuses on providing entry-level opportunities for Native peoples in filmed entertainment with a focus on creating a path to success, sustained employment and ultimately increasing the visibility of Native filmmakers at all levels of the industry. The Fellows Program serves as a bridge between underserved communities and the ongoing need for well-trained behind-the-camera filmmakers and crew.


For more information, please contact: Eric Parmater, Chair of the Board, Gateway Entertainment | 8335 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 309, West Hollywood, CA 90069 | 323.306.3069 | |


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